What Is 24/7 Postural Care and How Could It Help You?

Daytime and nighttime positioning are an integral part of daily life, yet are very often overlooked and not fully understood. For several individuals, however, body changes due to positioning and gravity are more immediate and more debilitating. Persons who have limited mobility and/or are less able to change positions independently will develop distortions over time which can lead to social, psychological, and health implications. These individuals rely on their families, caregivers, and professionals to provide optimal supports and means to reduce the impact.

This past February, MOSAIC Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist Erin Russell starting training through the Montana Postural Care Project in order to be able to provide increased services to those in need in our area. The Montana Postural Care Project is led by Tamara Kittleson-Aldred, M.S. OTR/L, ATP/SMS and Arwen Kittleson-Aldred, M.Ed., RCPV. It is a research driven project in its 3rd year that is designed to increase awareness and support to those in need of 24-hour postural care. The training included learning about and creating customized sleep systems, as well as addressing wheelchair and alternate seating position needs. The project, which was funded by the Montana Council of Developmental Disabilities, provided all trainees with access to measuring tools and supplies needed to provide sleep systems to local clients. The benefits for many involved in the project include improved postural alignment, reduction in pain, improved behavior/mood, and improved sleep. For some individuals the support can prevent more invasive procedures from needing to occur. The sleep systems are individually designed but most include non-skid matting, trunk/hip frames, a leg separator, leg and/or torso elevators, and pillows. Many of the items provided through the project were designed by the researchers and can be purchased. Systems can also be made and/or modified with commonly found items in the home. The goal of the project is for families to be able to easily implement the systems.

24/7 postural care is important for all age groups and seeking support for those who have limited mobility is what this project is designed for. Please visit http://posture24/7.org/ or contact Erin Russell, OTR/L at MOSAIC Rehabilitation, one of the Gallatin Valley representatives for further information about the project and its benefits.