Body Mechanics Education

Body mechanics play a significant roll in preventing and treating pain of all kinds. Poor body mechanics can place additional stress on certain areas of the body which can cause irritation or inflammation.  Here are a few general recommendations:

  • Lift heavy objects with even weight distribution. Lift with the legs when possible, keep your core engaged, and avoid bending forward. This is especially important when picking up kids or babies.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights from awkward positions. If you have a child with a crib, lower the side of crib before reaching in, or stand on a stable platform or step to improve body mechanics and alignment.
  • Avoid crossing of the legs or side sitting when possible.
  • Do not hold a child, baby, or other heavy objects on one hip. Keep heavy loads, including children, close to your body and positioned in front of you. For children, you may also want to use a pack or baby wearing wrap.
  • Avoid standing with the majority of weight on one leg where the hip juts out to the side. Again, even weight distribution.
  • Adjust your sleeping position. If you are a side sleeper, try putting one to two pillows between the knees. If you sleep on your back, placing 1-2 pillows under the knees can take stress off of the SI joint and low back.

If you are having pain and these suggestions do not resolve your symptoms, it may be time to see a Physical Therapist for a more thorough assessment and treatment plan. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact MOSAIC Rehabilitation at 406-388-4988 or visit